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Ford S-MAX 'Meet You At The Bottom'

Ford - Meet You At The Bottom

Gary Forrester teamed up with The Sweetshop's Andrew Lang & Blue Hive to create the All New Ford S-MAX commercial, which not only displays the car's excellent handling in changeable conditions but also comes up with an ingenious way to walk the dog.

In this beautiful film we see how the car's a perfect fit for people with an active lifestyle and it's so captivating you'll want to cancel those weekend plans and head to the countryside. The Ford S-MAX navigates the winding mountain roads, the hair pin bends and the rural terrain with as much ease as it's canine counterpart, whilst the beautiful border collie bounds across landscape though rivers and forests. But this is no shaggy dog story - at the end we see the car reuniting the owner with man's (or woman's) best friend before the dog cools off with a well earned swim.

Go - hit the road!