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Google 'Find Your Point of View'

Googlemaps - Loch Ness

Awe inspiring. A place of mystery, with hidden stories and astonishing beauty. Whilst we could be talking about Gary Forrester's edit suite, we're actually talking about Loch Ness - the subject of Gary's latest work with director Nick Rutter on their latest film with Adam & Eve/DDB. 

Google's stunning new film explores the breathtaking landscape and fascinating people of Loch Ness whilst extolling the virtues of their much loved street view function. Captured by Nick, Google's team have even mapped the Loch allowing you to go beneath the surface and have a look around on your lunchbreak. You're perhaps more likely to find the sunken World War Two bomber than a famous Jurassic creature but either way, it's definitely worth a look.

Put down that snorkel and head to Google Maps to explore the Loch (and keep an eye open for the little yellow chap that you normally drag on to the map to enter street view - if you look at Loch Ness it becomes Nessie!)

Oh and a big shout out also deservedly goes to our in-house Sound Designer extraordinaire - Brendan Woithe, who has created an incredible soundscape on this film.