Action for Children - Choose Childhood

It’s a truly shocking statistic that in the UK a child is moved into care every 15 minutes for their own safety.

Created by Arthur London, the launch piece for charity Action for Children’s new campaign, is a dramatic and emotive film directed by Sam Huntley. It highlights the devastating effect of domestic abuse on children across the UK.

Sam says “What I loved about the initial brief was the idea of beginning the film with an act of violence. I wanted to really capture the shock of that moment in an authentic way and to then follow the child’s journey away from the darkness and oppression of his home environment, and into a space of light, safety and hope.’

Toby comments  ‘Not shying away from the fear and desperation some children go through was key to this film being so hard hitting. The edit was built and every shot was selected for the audience to really feel that’.

With a fast paced edit, evocative sound design and a relentless score, the film gives a powerful glimpse into the threats and dangers that many children are sadly forced to face on a daily basis.

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