Aldi - Out in the Cold

Editor John Mayes joins Psyop's directing duo Todd + Kylie with creative from McCann UK to work on Aldi's Kevin the Carrot Campaign for the 5th year running!

Voiced by Jim Broadbent and inspired by Top Gun, Kevin the Carrot goes on his most perilous journey yet. #whereiskevin

Just like Kevin the Carrot's voyage, the making of this film took on a different journey to usual. Editor John Mayes cut on set for a 3 days, then live streamed into the shoot for another 2 days back in our Soho office and also edited from home too. Pysop director's Todd + Kylie also managed the whole project from the United States.

Paz Parasmand, Producer, Stink Films: “We are getting to grips with what does and doesn’t work remotely. For this job, we used the brilliant guys at RSVP who patched together our clients in Manchester and Ireland onto the terredeck system for the live camera feed. On the same system we also had Marshall Street’s secured editing feed for our directors in America and using Zoom, the team were able to seamlessly talk through the live edit updates, mixing in the real time footage for the directors to see how it was working.  John always brings his wealth of experience and weaves his magic on every project we do with him. Even with our directors in the US, the agency in Manchester and our editor in London it never felt like any one was miles apart”.

John Mayes, “This is my fifth year with Kevin and this year’s film has been a journey, with the whole job edited and approved remotely, but it turned out great.  My favourite job of the year!“

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