ASICS - Eternal Run

Unit 9's ZCDC and Toby teamed together to create this inspiring film for ASICS for the launch of their new GLIDERIDE™ trainers. 

When asked about the project, Toby commented; 

'I was so exited to be asked to edit this film for ASICS. I love long distance running and four years ago I ran the Marathon Des Salbes so to be part of an endurance event through work was a real treat. Editing on out on location in Utah was an incredible experience. Arriving at 3.30am on race day and watching the sun come up over the salt flats and feeling the buzz of the event felt really magical.

The reason for me being on location was the tight turnaround time to get a teaser cut out to be sent to the global media. The race was attended by 70 media from around the world and the competitors were made up of 22 influencers. All these people would be reporting, writing and blogging about the race pretty much immediately so our first job was to create a shot teaser film that would that would support that momentum.

The event was covered by 10 cameras and by the end of it we had over 80 hours worth of race footage, test facility footage and interviews. Working along side a team of DITs it took some serious organising and computer power to sync it and have it all transcoded that same day. Being in the room for all the interviews and watching the event live gave me such a head start. I was able to make timecoded notes as we went along and also being in ear shot of the directors, agency and client meant I knew exactly what kind of things they were looking for.

After the event we headed back to our hotel in Salt Lake City where we set up a suit with three edit stations. With me leading the edit, my assistant and director Drea  both also combing through rushes and feeding in their selects. It worked seamlessly between the three of us all working on the same project and within 48 hours we presented our first edit to a very happy agency before they flew home to the UK.

Back in London I continued working on a longer form edit which I'm really pleased with. The whole experience from planning the technical side of the job, being out on the salt flats, listening to and watching some incredible athletes and working with super talented directors Zack & Drea couldn't have been better and I'm really happy with the films we've made.'

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