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Bloom and Wild - Care Wildly

Bloom & Wild - Care Wildly

The lifespan of a bouquet of flowers is fleeting but the memory that lasts in the recipient's mind is forever. 

Bloom and Wild released the latest instalment of their ‘Care Wildly’ campaign, cut by Vanessa Wood. This beautiful spot focuses on the lasting sentiment that comes with sending flowers. Taking an unconventional approach, the film shows the transient lifespan of flowers - from bud to bloom to death. 

To capture the withering flowers, three cameras filmed the bouquet simultaneously with one capturing macro close-ups of the flowers. The director, Shaun James Grant, worked closely with florist Harriet Parry to construct arrangements faithful to the flowers' lifespan. Fresh flowers were also delivered daily for the duration of filming so that Shaun could capture the process. 

Shaun commented: 'Working with flowers was a unique experience as they don’t possess the reactive traits that I was accustomed to when working with people. One of the main challenges was figuring out the behavioural patterns of each flower and then thinking about it holistically as a bouquet, particularly when working in time-lapse. Ultimately we wanted to show a life cycle that portrays beauty in death, something I believe was a brave and exciting approach for Bloom & Wild to take.

Working with the Estonian service company Munchausen was a joy, their level of commitment to the project really helped elevate the final output and went a long way to giving us the much needed ingredients for the extremely talented Vanessa and I to work from in the cut.' 

In the midst of a pandemic, this heartfelt campaign really reminds us of how Bloom and Wild allows us to send best wishes to friends and family from afar.