British Airways - Clever You

Juliet May, Merman's award winning comedy director, brings us British Airways’ humorous new advert for a holiday worth boasting about. The campaign, edited by John and created by Ogilvy, is aptly titled "Clever You" and plays on peoples competitiveness when it comes to flying abroad. 

John flew to sunny Cape Town to cut on location for three days with the Merman crew. Director Juliet May commented that it was 'hugely important to have John editing on set for the BA shoot. Apart from the fact he’s so positive and full of good ideas, he assembled as we shot, building up a very close approximation of what the final edit would look like. This meant that we were able to review performances as they sat within the edit, check continuity and very importantly, given the time constraints of the media, check we were not running too long”.

Joining them on location was Hogarth producer Jeremy Dunn, who commented “Having editing on set was a God send. Almost in real time the editor could answer any creative or client requests on how each scene was looking and how it was going to knit together when we all got home to the UK. I for one am now an editing-on-set convert”.

The film, which first aired on Boxing Day, is to be played throughout January. Keep your eyes peeled for the second spot which will be released in spring. 

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