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Campaign 2015 Annual Results! - Bootylicious

Us Marshall Street'ers have much to celebrate!

We are proud to annouce we edited Campaign's top spot in the 'Top 10 TV and Cinema Ads' for's 'Epic Strut'! Big round of applause for our Tim, Director Fredrik Bond, Mother and anyone else involved! also won 'Campaign Of The Year' - worthy winners after "it received more traffic to it's website than at any other point in its history and the business grew by 38%"!

Another spot we edited - Lexus 'Slide' also got a mention on the 'Campaign Of The Year' page - "the full You Tube film has racked up nearly 13 million hits"! Congrats to our Spencer, Director Henry-Alex Rubin and all at CHI&Partners.

...and we shall have a very merry festive season after all and wishing you one too!