Captain Tom - 100th Birthday

The current global crisis is one that’s brought great uncertainty, radical changes to our lives and great pressures on the NHS. However, great achievements in times of hardship are what stay with us. 99 year old Captain Tom Moore set off to walk a mighty 100 laps of his garden prior to his 100th Birthday, to raise funds for the NHS. Thanks to his astounding personal effort to make a difference, he’s raised over £30 million. On top of that, he’s been an inspiration to countless others now following in his footsteps.

Editor Guy Savin teamed up with director Jacques Salmon and 76 Ltd producer Mark Murell to create a special message for the centenary of Captain Moore. Jacques had to say of the project "I think the whole country has been inspired BY captain Tom Moore and I wanted to create a film which highlights the adoration we all have for him. I put pen to paper on the poem and then got in touch with the incredible artists who had posted their tributes to him on social media. I wanted the film to be narrated by people with a range of accents and ages, to show how many people have been touched by this mans incredible story.".

With hundreds of portraits and messages submitted from the public, the empowering film hits straight to the heart as we see the vast impact that he has made, narrated by the many voices of a proud nation. Guy said "It's been an honour and a privilege to work on this project that celebrates a national hero's 100th birthday." In a strange time for us all it’s these efforts/moments that unite us all, what a wonderful tribute and show of the nation's acclamation. 

Happy 100th Birthday Captain Moore!

Check out his Just Giving page to make a donation:

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