Food Revolution 2015

John and the talented Director Niall Downing teamed up on a very special project for Mr Oliver.

Jamie Oliver, who needs no introduction, is renowned for his passion of food and desire to educate people to eat well.  This inspired him to band together with Ed Sheeran to discuss a brilliant idea he had for the 2015 Food Revolution Day. Talented Ed took no time in writing a catchy upbeat tune and off they went to record and film it with an array of A-listers including Sir Paul McCartney, Hugh Jackman and Jamie Callum to name a few.

Obesity costs 2 trillion dollars globally each year and Jamie wants as many people as possible worldwide to sign and share his petition so he can present it to the G20 governments to encourage them to educate healthy eating and living. At the time of writing this there were over 1.2 million signatures and a phenomenal 20 million (and rising) viewings and that's just in the first 24 hours!

So wotcha waiting for?

Watch it. Sign it. Share it.


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