Instacart - The World Is Your Cart

Tim Thornton-Allan cuts the latest film for ‘Instacart’ starring Lizzo anddirected by Sam Brown. Lizzo has become a household name with over 4 billion global streams and a platinum selling debut album. The 3x Grammy award-winning ‘About Damn Time’ star shines in the 60” spot which demonstrates how quickly Instacart can deliver items from your favourite store straight to your door.

Tim initially flew to Prague for 5 days to film and edit the seven custom built plate sets into a 60 second cut. This footage was then sent to LA for the motion control camera to track. The team then flew out to LA to shoot Lizzo, whereby Tim and Director Sam Brown were able to cut her live into the plate footage on set. Finally, they flew to New York for 2 weeks to edit the final film. Talk about a good road trip...  

Tim said "It was a fab job to work on and Sam, Polly, Giles, Joe and Sebastian were just the best team. Lizzo was a complete professional. She nailed every take and brought her infectious personality and enthusiasm to set and on screen”

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