JFK Moonshot - Full Circle

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing the moon, Unit 9’s Jonathan Pearson directed a powerful new film, Full Circle, to promote the launch of Boston's John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum augmented reality app, JFK Moonshot. Seamlessly cut by Toby Conway-Hughes, the film feature’s JFK’s acclaimed speech, highlighting the pivotal role he played in supporting US space travel. 

Toby joined Jonathan on set to cut Full Circle and he comments 'It was a real treat to work with footage as iconic as JFKs speech to Rice University and the Apollo launch. It seems like very little editing might have been involved in this film but actually a huge amount of planning went in from all departments to make the camera move and transitions seamless. I comped the base of the film together on set and loved being part of the team on the day and also prior to the shoot to work out technically how it could work.'

You can download the JFK Moonshot app on all the appstores. We’ve been giving it a go in the office..  

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