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La Madre Buena (The Good Mother) - Short Film

Short Film - La Madre Buena (The Good Mother)

La Madre Buena (The Good Mother) is a directorial debut award winning film about a tale of a Mexican boy who wants a Donald Trump pinata for his birthday, edited by our John, directed by Madre Foca's Sarah Clift and music and sound designed by Catalyst's Brendan Woithe.

It scooped up 5 awards at the recent Shark Awards in Ireland including Best International Short and has been loved worldwide by the press, some of which you can read below.

New York Times - Debut director nabs 5 awards for her short film on hunt for a Trump piñata

Vibe - Watch The Funniest, Most Brilliant Trump Film Yet

Source Creative - Sarah Clift On Her ‘Good Mother’ Short Film Success

Beautifully shot, this gorgeous film has made us Marshall Streeters giggle away and we only wish we could get our hands on that Trump pinata to give Donald a good thump!