Ladbrokes - Drummers

As we countdown to the return of live sports, Sam Brown of Rogue films has delivered a banging commercial for Ladbrokes.  Edited on location by Tim Thornton-Allan, and assisted by Chris Walker, the European Championship 2020 campaign perfectly captures the anticipation of the crowd at sporting events.

This ambitious project used 190 skilled and experienced drummers. The production also included 200 extras and used drone filming, motion capture, body scanning and a large team of visual effects and CGI artists at the Electric Theatre Company to create this exhilarating advert.  With live music also taking a hit over the last year, this advert is the perfect salute to the live sport and entertainment industry.

Tim commented: ‘It was great fun editing this energetic campaign. The super tight schedule meant we were cutting everywhere - on set, all over London and even on the train!’.

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