Landsec - Get Kitted Out

Editor Joe Wilby has joined forces with directing duo BARBARA to create this hilarious spot for Landsec produced by Merman with creative from Snap London. With a wave of cancelled events due to fill our summers, this film is just right for getting us in the mood!

Joe said 'It’s quite rare to find a script for an advert written in the form of a joke, with an actual punchline.

So I was very happy when this script came in and the opportunity to work with Barbara, the new going-places directing-duo from Merman. 30 seconds is a great length for this kind of thing, as there is just enough time to set things up, and then knock them over.

I think there is plenty of room out there for comedic commercials these days and I’m not just saying that for my benefit. I promise.

It creates a positive association with the brand. It's universal because everyone loves a good laugh.  And it feels genuine too because it’s hard to fake funny.  Fundamentally I think you have to give something back to those who are giving you attention, and what else can you really give?  Freedom? Empowerment? Respect? No, you can’t really give any of those things.  But you can make them chuckle while your logo is on the screen.'

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