Landsec - The Ceremony

Directed by BARBARA, Joe Wilby teamed up with the comedy duo once again to cut this humorous ad for Landsec shopping centres.

Joe commented: ‘It was so great to walk down the aisle with BARBARA again, I love those guys.  Again, like the first time, we cut it all remotely using the MSE patented collaborative method. I mean it works so well, why wouldn’t we? It’s just become normal now.’

With a year of lockdowns and COVID restrictions the cheerful campaign seems perfect for getting us out and about again.

Joe continues: ‘Seems like a good time to be doing a wedding film too, y’know with the COVID restrictions loosening and all that. So, I thought that was quite clever, whoever does that bit did well. The main challenge with this was keeping track of all the different versions, for the 9 different shopping centres so with 40”s, 20”s, and 10”s and there were quite a few, they were basically mostly the same but a little bit different. So, you had to be quite careful, but in a twisted way I found that a bit satisfying.’

As always, with a natural flair for comedy, Joe delivered a cracking campaign.

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