Lifebridge Health - Covid Cares

Chosen as Ad of the Day on AdWeek, Tim Thornton-Allan edited this spot for Lifebridge Health which praises the life-saving work of doctors, nurses, and other essential workers. Shedding their protective equipment to reveal the raw emotions and exhaustion beneath, the caregivers were filmed after their shifts to show their sacrifice and highlights the drastic task essential workers across the globe are facing. The ad portrays such genuine moments and feelings, triggering our appreciation most powerfully without the need for narration.

“We wanted to represent the sacrifice, courage and determination of front-line healthcare workers in this moment—in their most raw and stark form. It’s this realness which both honors their work and makes the spot so distinctive,” said Brian Deffaa, CMO of LifeBridge Health.

“The production was much more emotional than I expected,” added DeAngelo. “Watching these healthcare workers in real time, right off their shift, shed their protective gear moved me in a way I hadn’t anticipated. Even though I knew what the message was about, I don’t think I fully understood how important it was until I saw these vulnerable people who only moments earlier had been fighting for other people’s lives.”

Limited by restrictions due to the pandemic, watch the making of ‘COVID CARES’ from LifeBridge Health. Director Tyler DeAngelo dialled in team members to the shoot who watched it live, enabling remote contributions and communication. He commented; “Over the last few months, I've worked with Tim and his team on several projects. Despite the limitations of Covid, he has developed a very innovative workflow that allows us to be on virtual productions together and gives the creatives and myself the ability to edit live as if we are in the editing room together. After this experience, I can't imagine working any other way”. 

EditorTim Thornton-Allan cut the spot from home after the virtual shoot, working with Strawberry Frog producer Vanessa Merrin in the US.Tim commented “The shoot was great; it was just like being on set.  We were all online and with live access to the photographer’s camera and laptop. Then as soon as the shoot finished, we switched seamlessly into remote editing with live streaming which made the editing process extremely agile and responsive”. A true creative collaboration. 

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