Mercedes Benz - Awards

This new spot from Mercedes and Frederik Bond, cut by Patric Ryan, hilariously pokes fun at the ad making process. Set over a 7-day period, we see Agency Executive Rebecca call in the eccentric ‘Magnus’ to direct the world premiere of Mercedes-Benz new GLC. 

Magnus envisions an ‘abstract interpretation of chaos’. Whilst describing his vision for the ad, Magnus demands that ‘a man gives birth to a baby, and the baby becomes a steering wheel’. A very provocative image…

However, we see at the end of the film that there is method to Magnus’s madness as it turns out the agency love his work. Although an unconventional approach, Magnus exhibits the new SUV’s impressive list of new features, such as multifunctional steering and ambient lighting, perfectly. The film skilfully uses humour to showcase the GLC’s spec in a hilariously unconventional manner.

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