MoneySuperMarket – Dave’s Epic Strut

Tim Thornton-Allan's bootylicious new MoneySuperMarket spot for the brilliant Fredrik Bond and Mother went viral this week, and we love it!


MoneySuperMarket's Dave has saved money on his car insurance and now he feels EPIC! So epic in fact, that he struts and twerks his stuff in killer heels and fantastically snug denim shorts on his way to the office. His infectious dance routine oozes confidence as he strides past passers-by who are unable to ignore Dave's fabulous moves, before impressing Mrs Sharon Osborne who exclaims “Dave, darling! You're so MoneySuperMarket!”


Sashay away to the nearest viewing-device and have a watch!


PS. We accept no responsibility for you strutting around the office humming The Pussycat Dolls' 'Don't Cha' for the rest of the day.

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