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Nick Mulvey - 'Mountain To Move'

Nick Mulvey - Mountain to Move

Slip back into the sound of summer with this gorgeous promo for Nick Mulvey's new track, 'Mountain to Move', directed by Bullion's Davis Silis and edited by our Owen.

The video was shot on the site of a long-demolished cigarette factory. Silis recently spoke to Promo News: 

"Crazy place, that's sort of been taken over by skaters," says Silis, who adds that although the principle of the dancers' movement were all rehearsed, new details were added in every take to add a layer of unpredictability - which posed a challenge to editor Owen O'Sullivan.

"Almost all the choreography was different in each take, so no two shots were ever the same. There were a few simple principles for how the movement needed to work, but once the camera started rolling, one dancer would lead and the others followed (for the sync stuff), which then just unfolded into the free-for-all toward the end. So the fact that Owen could make it link together that fluidity was all down to him!"