Posh Boy - Stormzy

A project initially started as a long form documentary, Posh Boy Docs is a self-funded real life evolving drama following young ambitious boxers in London’s inner-city boroughs: their lives, training, struggles and aspirations. Production started in 2019 before being hit by the pandemic lockdown. Posing a threat to the filming and to the community, the team decided to expand and continue production, revealing a series of short episodes instead, released regularly using a mix of existing footage plus group chats and self-shot diaries. 

Wide aspects of the community and sport have been featured - the coaches, gyms, venues, fighters, what it takes to go pro and the struggles that come with it. Released straight onto their instagram @poshboydoc and website, episodes edited by Toby Conway-Hughes hone in on the individual boxers, providing insight to each one; how they started, their motivations and personal gains from boxing. Recent clips tackle the struggles during lockdown whilst the gyms are closed and Stormzy praises Dante for spending the time out to expand his mind. ‘It's a portrait of struggle and aspiration against the odds.’

Directed by Caswell Coggins and Kevin Brown, Caswell explains 'We faced a simple choice, ride it out or see where it could creatively take us? Choosing the latter, we set about re-purposing our rushes and transformed them into an Instagram web series. We want to shine a light on the community we've been following and also to document their journeys through these testing times.'

Editor Toby said ‘With two 60 second films needing to be cut and released each week there isn't much time to waste. I'll often edit whilst sharing my Avid output on Zoom with Caswell and Kevin. It's a really efficient way of working when you can't be in the same room. I've cut over twenty films in the series so far. I'd love for a brand to become involved to see how it could be developed further. I just want as many people as possible to see how valuable the work is that the community centres and boxing clubs are doing.’

Please check out the @poshboydoc Instagram to follow the stories as they are released.

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