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Sky - 12 Days of Idris

SKY - 12 Days of Idris

The Christmas countdown has begun, Sky Creative have brought Idris Elba back on board and encourage us take refuge from the cold by curling up on the sofa. Stink’s directing duo Ne-o and Tim worked closely together from the get go to bring us this high-spirited spot in time for the holiday season. 

When asked about the offline process, Tim commented  "This was such a fun project to work on with Ne-O. We spent a long time cutting the track down to length before scouring through many feature films looking for clips that would compliment the lyrics as Idris performed. The edit was constantly in flux as we recorded scratch singing in the suite to match the picture, which was ever-changing according to the film clips we were using. 

When we had finally fixed the song and the film clips in the offline, Idris then performed the track to act as a guide to which he could then sing/lip-sync on the shoot. By the time we got the rushes, as we had done over 80% of the work prior to the shoot, everything neatly slotted into place. There was a lot of back and forth as Idris was slightly improvising lines on the shoot and timings across the song changed here and there to match the rushes (it's completely impossible perfectly to match a placeholder to actual action!), which meant a lot of liaison with Dave Connolly at Molecular Sound, but I'm really pleased with the final product."

 Let the festive films begin!