The Birth of Valerie Venus

'The Birth of Valerie Venus' is award-winning independent director Sarah Clift's latest short, a BFI NETWORK back film, co-funded by Madrefoca and edited by John Mayes. Written and directed by Sarah, the film stars Jane Guernier and Paul Hunter. This is not the first time John has worked with Sarah - he also cut her internationally praised film 'La Madre Buena' based on an a Mexican mother's internal conflict between politics and her son's request to have a Donald Trump piñata for his birthday party. 'The Birth of Valerie Venus' promises a fascinating and refreshing film with another unique storyline meticulously put together.

Sarah, who recently picked up both Gold and Silver award for the film at the Young Director Awards (YDA) says: I was thrilled the team at MSE agreed to collaborate on my new short film. John Mayes is a remarkable talent to work with on narrative projects. He nurtures performances whilst crafting details and nuances to create impeccable comic timing. A huge thank you to John and the team.

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