Tony Hudgell Foundation

Eight-year-old Tony Hudgell was forced to have both legs amputated after being abused so badly by his birth parents at just 41 days old. The physical abuse he endured caused organ failure, multiple fractures, toxic shock and sepsis. 

This intensely emotive film, directed by Sam Huntley and cut by Toby Conway-Hughes, sheds light on Tony’s mission to enhance the lives of children affected by physical, emotional and psychological abuse. There is no one more vulnerable than a child, and the wants to make sure that they are protected, cared for and have a better tomorrow. 

In 2020, Tony set himself the challenge of walking 10km unaided on his new legs and crutches in support of the hospital that saved his life – The Evelina London Children’s Hospital. At only 5 years old and with an initial target of only £500, Tony managed to raise over £1.7million. 

Tony was told that he would never be able to walk or talk. He certainly proved that wrong. 

Following the success of his fundraising efforts, Tony has now set up The Tony Hudgell Foundation charity to set out on his mission to help those in similar situations. 

To support Tony’s mission further, visit 

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