Xiaomi - The Phoenix of Gloucester

Academy Award winning director James Lucas writes and directs ‘The Phoenix of Gloucester’, cut by MSE’s Spencer Ferszt. The film follows ‘Charlie’ as he desperately tries to restore his grandfather’s bike who lies ill in a hospice.

‘The Phoenix of Gloucester’ showcases Lucas’s ability to work innovatively within our ever-changing landscape of technology. Incredibly, the film was shot on a Xiaomi series mobile phone, which was able to capture the film’s heartfelt reflection of life, love and family.

Lucas won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film with Mat Kirkby in 2015 for ‘The Phone Call’ starring Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent. His success has also been recognised by over 16 major international film festivals.

Cut at MSE, it was a pleasure to have James in the office working with Spencer.

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